PSI - Protein Structure Initiative
The 2009 NIGMS Workshop: Enabling Technologies for Structural Biology continues a series of annual meetings held by NIGMS Protein Structure Initiative participants, which were popularly designated "Bottlenecks" Workshops. As in the past, the primary focus of this 2½ day meeting will be the technical issues affecting the speed, cost, and success of protein structure determination.

The 2009 meeting will address a wide range of topics applicable to all scales of effort, from the individual bench scientist to high-throughput research centers.  The workshop program will include oral platform and poster presentations as well as pedagogical sessions emphasizing the methods and technologies for protein structure determination for all classes of proteins, from uncharacterized hypothetical proteins to membrane proteins and protein-protein complexes.

The poster session will include contributions from all scientists participating in the workshop.  Members of the structural biology community at large and scientists involved in structural efforts outside the United States are especially encouraged to attend. As with the past workshops, we hope to stimulate the freest and most energetic exchange on all practical issues in protein structure determination at all levels. 

Please forward all scientific inquiries to Dr. Charles G. Edmonds at 301-594-4428 or

Logistical questions are best addressed to Alicia Corbin, B L Seamon Corporation (BLS), at 301-577-0244, ext. 37, or