Date:  May 3 – 4, 2012

Conference Co-Chairs

Barbara A. Conley, M.D.
Associate Director
Cancer Diagnosis Program
Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis
National Cancer Institute

Mickey Williams, Ph.D.
Patient Characterization Center and
Clinical Assay Development Center
National Cancer Institute

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies offer exciting opportunities for new biological insights into cancer, with potential for translation into clinical tests useful for cancer diagnosis and treatment choices. Several recent meetings and workshops have highlighted the common difficulties people are experiencing in realizing this potential. Successful translation of NGS technologies into clinically useful tests requires careful attention to pre-analytic variables, assay development pathways, data quality and analysis, and regulatory requirements.

This NCI-sponsored workshop aims to gather leaders in all relevant specialties to focus on technology-specific hurdles to bringing NGS into the cancer clinic and to propose solutions. Bringing together trial-based oncologists, laboratory scientists, pathologists, clinicians, statisticians, bioinformaticians, drug and device manufacturers, regulatory officials, insurers and patient advocates will promote cross-disciplinary education and enhance dialogue among various stakeholders. The workshop format will be highly interactive, with didactic lectures from leading experts, panel discussions, and focused breakout group sessions. The goal is to identify, discuss, and resolve the open questions and hurdles in the path of successful implementation of this technology for the clinical benefit of cancer patients. We intend to publish the results of this workshop.